October Update

Hi all! I’ve been very productive lately and ended up adding a bunch of new features to the game. The focus of my recent changes was on improving the exploration mode. In this mode you start with one of 5 ships and a bonus pack and need to fight your way through the galaxy, defeating enemies and picking up new ship parts on your way. A standard playthrough takes about 60-90 minutes and is pretty fun. 🙂



I’ve also reactivated the carrier module. I added some nice particle effects, changed the behavior of the interceptors to make them feel more swarmy and worked on the balancing. Basically the interceptors can be one-shot by any weapon – so a swipe with the laser, for example, is a perfect soft counter to the carrier. I will have to see how everythins balances out as I add more modules.


I also added some nicer looking help screens to replace the somewhat clunky tip messages:


Finally, I improved the controller support as well as the way keybindings work in general. Basically you can now assign any joystick/controller action to any action.



I hope you like the progress so far! If everything goes according to plan, you can expect to play an early alpha version soonish. 🙂

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