Huge patch #3 completed.

Major new features:
– The camera now shows enemy ships that are nearby.
– Music/audio volume can now be set in 11 levels instead of 6.
– Added ice asteroids.
– Added arid asteroids.
– Added a (probably still buggy) save function to the exploration mode.

– Doubled the ‘vending machine’ prices.
– Ships are now invincible for 10 seconds after spawning.
– Reduced damage from the laser from 0.75 to 0.50.
– Reduced damage from ship collisions by 33%.
– Destroyed mines now have a 25% chance of dropping a fireball module.
– The missile launcher now prioritises ships.
– The missile launcher no longer targets allied ships.

– The new mouse pointer no longer keeps your mouse locked in and should feel less laggy than before.
– Fixed a crash which could occur when you try to start a mission with an invalid ship.
– Changed the modifier key to permanently delete modules to shift.
– Added German localisation to lists and camera settings.
– Modules in the clipboard are no longer used when calculating and displaying ship energy generation/consumption/capacity.
– Warnings for missing keybindings are no longer displayed for modules in the clipboard.
– Made FPS display smaller and moved is to the bottom left corner.
– A repair process is now cancelled when the module to be repaired is separated from the repairbot module.
– Replaced the energy chain with an ore container in the exploration/misc. package.
– Camera dragging in the galaxy map and the mission mode is now restricted.
– The background texture is now correctly centered in mission mode.
– Added maximum ore to the bar and fixed text placement.
– Added a message when a module is picked up.
– Made background debris less saturated.


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  1. klaus says:

    amazing, how fast you reacted to the feedback on the steam forums 🙂

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