Kubifaktorium Feature 02: Trains.

Kubifaktorium will allow you to build trains and small train networks. While the functionality will not be as extensive as in dedicated transport games like Transport Tycoon, you can build tracks, bridges, stations and train factories.

While your colonists can manually pick up and transport all types of goods, this method of transportation will quickly become inefficient and restrictive on larger maps. Trains provide an economic alternative to transport heavy goods like ores and rocks over long distances – e.g. between your mining sites and your factories. They will work well together with inserters and depots, which I will present in an upcoming feature.

The screenshots show, among other things, a train being loaded and a simple bridge layout. In the bridge screenshot you can spot advanced bugs like the bridge going through a tree and two wagons stuck together. Also, there is a bush growing on the track. 🙂

Every weekend I will post more information on Kubifaktorium. If you are interested, follow me and help me spread the word. Thank you! ☺
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  1. scildfreja says:

    Looking great! are you going to have the more complex train control / automation as seen in Factorio for example, or will you be leaving them as more simple systems? (I guess I’m asking is this more a game about managing transport logistics, or more about balancing system input/output?)

    1. bossconstructor says:

      Thank you! Hehe, to be honest I don’t quite know yet. 🙂 It will depend on how the game play feels later on and how players are going to use the trains. Currently they are rather simple and only go forwards.

  2. scildfreja says:

    By artwork alone it very much has a “toybox” feel to it so far, which I really like. They look like toy trains that are fun to build just to watch them moving around!

    1. bossconstructor says:

      Nice. 🙂 I like that the voxel models are relatively easy to implement (in MagicaVoxel) and easy to read at the same time. It also works well when enhanced with a bunch of shader effects. Mmmhh.. maybe I can make a blog post on that… 😀

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