Kubifaktorium Progress Report #3

Hello there! In today’s update I bring you the third Kubifaktorium progress report. Progress reports are 10-15m videos which showcase the new features I’ve been working on as well as my road map for the near future.

Main menu

– There is now a active modding screen which you can access from the main screen. When there is an error in a mod, the game no longer crashes. Instead, you can mouseover over the erroneous mod (which shows an X as its icon) and read the error message, which should assist in figuring out the problem. If you are making a mod and find issues, please let me know!
– Added a tutorial menu to the menu screen. The game now keeps track of tutorials you complete.


– Added mood thought bubbles which popup when your colonist are unhappy.
– You can now rename colonists and animals. Just click on their name in the info panel and start typing.
– The colonist info panel now contains a line describing what he/she is doing at the moment.
– Colonists are now smart about which ingredients they use for construction/production. First, they’ll pick the one that’s closest to them, afterwards they pick the ones closest to the production / construction site.
– You can no longer build on sand.
– Added support for non-square buildings.
– When mining a mountain, you now get perfectly usable grassland + some rubble that disappears over time.
– Workshops can now have multiple outputs! Task generation, UI, tests etc. have been extended accordingly. The first recipe to take advantage of this is the bread recipe.
– Robots can now operate in multiple modes. The mode effects their movement speed as well as their fuel consumption.
– Both ambient light and torches are now brighter at night time.
– Added monoliths to the game (scenery).


– Clicking on the idle colonist display in the top now lets you cycle through your idle colonists.
– Added a warning flag to logistics system targets that accept nothing.
– Added a warning counter to the info bar in the top. Clicking on it will cycle through all objects which have warnings.
– You can now drag around the tech/production graph.
– The tooltips now have nice icons. Some messages now have nice icons.
– When placing a bonfire, the game now highlights the area you would gain.
– Added little frames to the skill boxes in the colonist screen.


– Added a warning flag to active trains that have less than 2 targets or no valid path.
– Added a warning flag to train stations that are not linked to the logistics system properly.
– Added a status text label to the train info panel.
– Trains now spawn correctly in train factories.
– Trains now navigate to the next station on their schedule.
– Train stations now work correctly as part of the logistics system.
– Goods stored at the train station are now loaded onto the train.
– Goods loaded onto a train are now correctly unloaded at the target location.
– Trains now turn correctly in a station if their next target is behind them.
– Fixed numerous bugs that prevented parts of the transport and logistics systems, as well as their serialization.
– Train stations now have names and can be renamed.
– Trains now have schedules (which are ineffective for now). The UI is a bit clunky but it works for now. To add a station to the schedule, select the train and right-click the new station. To remove a station, click on its entry in the schedule.
– Added the train factory as a proper building and removed the factory button from the track laying UI.

Try the free (outdated) demo: https://kubifaktorium.itch.io/kubifaktorium
Kubifaktorium on Backerkit: https://kubifaktorium.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders

Blog: http://www.kubifaktorium.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Kubifaktorium
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/dyzzGUp

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