About Kubifaktorium: If you enjoy building, growing and managing a colony, then Kubifaktorium is for you! The game will feature different biomes to explore, plenty of resources to exploit and interesting production chains to master.

Key Features:

  • Discover and colonize procedurally generated islands in four different biomes.
  • Build and manage complex and challenging production chains.
  • Automate your production using belts, cranes, train networks and more.
  • Defend your colonies and conquer your enemies.
  • Easy to understand but hard to master game mechanics.
  • Built-in mod support for new industries, goods, scenery, terrain types, localizations and more.
  • Made for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Blog: http://www.kubifaktorium.com
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Kubifaktorium
    Twitter: twitter.com/bossconstructor

Announcement Trailer (2018)



About BossConstructor: Scavenge modules, combine them in the deadliest and most efficient ways imaginable, and fly your very own spaceship through alien space with BossConstructor. Thousands of procedurally generated galaxies await you and your space-faring collection of assembled modules to explore them.

Building your Ship: The core feature of the game is its ship editor which allows you to freely assemble your own spaceships using a vast variety of modules (currently more than 60). The way you build your ships determines how they behave and what they are capable of doing. Since every module costs money, weight and energy, designing a good ship is a challenging yet rewarding task.

Expedition and Sandbox Mode: The expedition mode lets you explore a procedurally generated galaxy inhabited by the von-Neumann, an evolving AI species. You begin with a small basic ship and advance as you complete missions, discover new enemy species and scavenge for more powerful components to improve your ship. Alternatively, build any ship you like without constraints in the sandbox mode.

Artificial Intelligence: Being a single player game, a lot of attention is given to the game’s artificial intelligence system. The von-Neumann enemies you encounter in the expedition mode are created using elaborate artificial evolutions, in which a vast number of mutating ships have competed for survival. Several bonus game modes allow you to lean back and watch how different AI species compete with each other for survival.

BossConstructor Trailer (2016)



About myself: My name is Dr. Mirko Seithe and I am currently living near Bonn, Germany. I have studied computer science and received a PhD in economics and work as a post-doc in a research institute. In my free time I work on the game BossConstructor. I am interested in gaming, video game development and programming in general. My other interests include artificial intelligence and evolutionary optimisation algorithms.

Inhaber: Dr. Mirko Seithe
Im Spichelsfeld 82
53757 Sankt Augustin

Telefon: +4915789571277
E-Mail: info@bossconstructor.de
Kleinunternehmer gemäß § 19 UStG

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Charl van Staden says:

    Please can you give us a link to download it? 🙂 This game would do well on steam.

    1. bossconstructor says:

      Thank you! There will be a new version which you will be able to play at some point in the near future, please be patient 🙂

      1. Heiko says:

        Hi Mirko,
        Hab schon vor ein paar jahren deine vorgänger versionen gespielt,
        wie schon gesagt hammer geil, mach weiter so
        lieben gruß Xeiko

  2. gog778 says:

    GOG release would be nice for this type of game instant buy

    1. bossconstructor says:

      I will publish the game at gog, desura, shinyloot and other places once the game is more polished.
      At the moment, I like to develop fast and publish many patches and deploying to many platforms at once would consume a lot of time.

  3. Matthias Wagner says:


    the pistons currently are “locked” to a distance of 4 squares. Are there plans to make them more flexible? F.e., the distance between two pistons facing each other could be used to define the distance (rather than a fixed distance of 4)

    1. bossconstructor says:

      Currently not. The problem is, that the physics engine can glitch out when the forces get too big. You can, however, try to connect multiple piston pairs to each other.

  4. docdra says:

    You should see about setting up a Discord account – a lot of people are no longer using Facebook and you’d likely get more gamers to give feedback that way.

    1. bossconstructor says:

      Thanks! There is an active Discord server here: https://discord.gg/dyzzGUp

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